Poor Quack Docs

Optimism Bridge

Important: Optimism L2 has a 7 day wait period on withdrawing tokens back to ETH.
So you must wait 7 days after requesting a withrawal to receive it.
Good to know: Our Optimism Bridge UI connects directly to the Optimism L2 Standard Bridge. We built this for ease of use for our community as opposed to using smart contracts directly.

How to use the Poor Quack Optimism Bridge

It's very simple and below we will walk you throught the process.

Step 1

Visit https://poorquack.com/optimism and ensure you are on the Ethereum Mainnet Network.

Step 2

You will need to approve the Poor Quack Optimism Bridge to use your POOR ETH tokens. Simply click the "Approve" button.
Click Approve to prepare your wallet.

Step 3

Now that your wallet is approved, you can start sending your POOR ETH tokens.
Enter the amount of token you would like to send to Optimism.
You can now click "Send to Optimism" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Sending POOR to Optimism

Step 4

Once you have sent the transaction you now need to wait for Ethereum to confirm the transaction.
Once confirmed the bridge will start counting through the confirmations until it reaches 50 confirmations on Ethereum Mainnet.

Step 5

Once we have reached 50 block confirmations on Ethereum Mainnet, you will see the below screen. This confirms that your tokens have been sent to the Optimism L2 network.
All you need to do now is click the link below the button to see if your POOR tokens have arrived.
Note: It can take up to 30 mins for the tokens to arrive on Optimism after this step.
You can view your pending deposits on Optimism here: https://app.optimism.io/bridge/account/deposit
Tokens are now gone from ETH and sent to Optimism


What if the Poor Quack Optimism Bridge UI shows me a timeout issue?
If you get a timeout issue, use the links provided by the UI to track your status. Your transaction will still go through.
You can also check here for your deposit status on Optimism once your Ethereum transaction is confirmed (50 confirms).