Poor Quack Docs

NFT Mints

Earn by referring buyers to our NFT minting events
Get involved and start marketing our NFT mints such as "We Are Soldiers" and earn great commissions in real-time.
Wow: When you refer a buyer, if they mint an NFT, you get paid instantly to your wallet.

How does it work?

It's very simple and you do not need to do anything. You simply market our events and link to our mint event page with your address at the end.
Example: https://nft.poorquack.com/{MINT}/{YOUR WALLET ADDRESS}
Our system automatically recognises the address and will pay it a commission if the user mints an NFT.
It's also worth noting that if you refer a user, your wallet address will be valid for 7 days.
So if that user does not buy straight away, but buys 2 days later, you still get your commission.
Even if they came through another link during that time.

Are commissions really instant?

As soon as the buyer has their transaction confirmed and we receive their payment (mint fee), our smart contract automatically sends you the commission amount in the same transaction.
Who else would pay this fast!

Can anyone do this?

Simply follow the URL structure in the example above and you are set.

When can I start doing this?

When our minting starts for our "We Are Soldiers" event on the 18th May 2022.
Get marketing on Twitter, Reddit, Discord and Telegram or anywhere else and start earning instantly.
Sell out our events and make big money!

What is the commission rate?

The rate will be different depending on the event.
Our first event "We Are Soldiers" will be a 10% commission.
Example: Refer 10 buyers or 1 buyer who buys 10 NFTs and receive around $300 in CRO.
Our first event is on Cronos chain.